Hi, I’m Diana Nova. This is the page where I have to convince you that I’m interesting, right? List all of my relatable personality traits and unoriginal hobbies. Be original and edgy, but not too edgy because then it’s annoying and pretentious. But not too simple or cliché either, ’cause that’s just boring.

Well, I think you won’t know anything about me even after reading this page. In fact, I strongly believe that a person can never be defined with words, no matter how accurate and eloquent they are (and I’m an aspiring author, so I guess that’s a problem).

”Tell us something about yourself”. What a tedious phrase. It’s a stranger asking you to deconstruct yourself and simplify your complexity. In a few sentences, you have to reduce yourself to definitions and basic facts. What’s your name, how old are you, do you have a pet. There isn’t much time for you to share something more meaningful because then it’s someone else’s turn and perhaps what you consider meaningful isn’t meaningful to someone else.

And yes, I have opinions. They often contradict themselves. You might say I’m a hypocrite (and I might agree with you), but if a person never stops learning, how can their ideas stay the same? I’m oscillating between skepticism and sentimentalism, hatred or love for the entire world. Perhaps I should quote my buddy Fyodor D. and say, ”the more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular”. Sometimes a rap song is deeper than a novel. Sometimes entertainment is the only way to show the truth. I wish TV News made us cry more than a soppy movie and I wish celebrities weren’t the only people that we talk about.

I kind of wrote a novel and sometimes I write poems, although the definition of a poet is quite vague. Don’t rush to label me, but feel free to criticize. I’m here to learn, to grow and to discuss.