When someone says you’re pretentious

Fellow artists, writers, musicians and any kind of content creators, if someone criticizes you for being pretentious, pour yourself a cup of green tea or a Macchiato with half soy and half skinny milk, and tell them very gently and very poetically that you don’t give an absolute shit if your art is pretentious.

It’s art. It’s your work and you put effort into it and you want it to have a meaning and what the hell is wrong with that? Yes, you might not be as great as Leonardo da Vinci and you can’t be compared to Nietzsche and you’re not as deep as you think you are. So what? You want to express yourself and you want your work to have an impact on people. Does that automatically mean that you’re an artsy hipster obsessed with Tumblr and indie music? Maybe… maybe it does!

Well, in any case, I’m here to tell you to embrace it. Embrace the hell out of your pretentiousness and listen to The Smiths and stand for hours in a museum to look at a painting of a dot and call it abstract art. Find meaning in every little detail and romanticize the hell out of it. Oh, you like the way the traffic lights reflect on the window pane when it rains? Take a picture of it. If you feel like the sunshine is kissing your skin, write a poem about it. Compare your heart to meteors and see uniqueness in routine because oh god we have only one life and why would anyone ever tell you to stop seeing the world in such a beautiful way? Enjoy your cappuccino and cozy sweaters and inspiration quotes. Listen to all that weird music that makes you feel like you’re floating in space and dance on the street when the first snowflakes start falling from the sky. And when they tell you that you’re pretentious, tell them Yes, I am! and scream it at the top of your lungs because they don’t even know and they can’t even imagine. Keep creating and keep inspiring because you might not have a universe inside of you but you’re alive and you’re in this moment and it’s impossible not to feel creative in front of all the beauty and ugliness that is our world.



  1. oh my god i love this so much this is so uncanny bedside for the past few years i’ve grown particularly turned off with the “pretentious” label especially as its usage has surged and this reached a climax point yesterday with me telling my friend how i felt about her giving me / anyone that term… thank you for this ♡

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  2. This is actually pretty relatable. I’ve heard people say stuff like this to others, I even wrote about this in my about page. You are pretentious, your art is pretentious, well at least I put myself out there with all my pretentious art and fabricated literature. So maybe, I’m pretentious but I’m also an artist. And that is worth everything.

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