“Youth is flawed”

Youth is flawed.

Youth is unmatched socks at 8am

And puffy eyes at eleven.

It’s crooked smiles and burning cheeks,

Shaky voices and red bruised knees.

Youth is naive

And youth is wise.

It’s art.

It’s idealism.

It’s the excitement

Of swimming in the ocean

And the fear

Of drowning in it.

It’s heavy hearts and trembling fingers,

Silent tears and eyes that twinkle.

Sleepless nights,

Secrets shared beneath the blanket,

Whispers, kisses and goodbyes.

Youth is flying

And youth is crumbling.

Happiness and sufferance.

Euphoria, chaos, love

Hatred boiling in our throats.

Adrenaline and youthfulness

In our veins and in our bones.

Youth is flawed.

And sometimes youth is silent.

Delicate and sweet and shy.

Youth is calm and youth is boring,

But it is never just one line.



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